What's Happenin' Man?

Forthcoming Gigs that don't necessarily involve THe bUs stATiOn LoOniES

Hey, Man, What’s Happenin’? Latest Update 29th April 2006

SAT 15 APR An all-dayer Breast cancer fundraiser at The Junction, Mutley Plain, Plymouth. 2pm - midnight. Think we're on about 5pm, so go and get yer chips then. Other bands inc. S PUNK 3, PILEDRIVER, SCHIZTOME, JOKER and more.

THU 27 APR Louis' birthday bash at The Nowhere Inn. Free entry but bring the fella a card and buy him a pint, 'cos he's great and he's gonna do a stint with us as "The Fifth Loony".

SAT 29 APR With Denada at The Junction. Free entry.

THUR 11 MAY CND Benefit bash at The Viaduct, Bretonside Bus Station, Plymouth. REDEMPTION UNNAMED plus many more tba. 4pounds, I think. Worth every penny for those of us what don't like bombs and war.

FRI 2 JUNE Supporting THE VIBRATORS as part of their 30th anniversary tour (see, we're just babbies). The Railway, Ipswich. 3pounds entry, also playing are 2 SICK MONKEYS

SAT 3 JUNE LONDON to be confirmed... possibly with LOST CHERREES somewhere

SUN 4 JUNE LUTON possible Sunday Matinee with THE ADENOIDS


July-Aug 2006: Asia Tour Postponed... You poor blighters in the UK are gonna have to put up with us again... we're touring here instead. Anyone who might be able to help-us out with a date, please prod Chris@doanythingyou.wanadoo.co.uk

so far, it's looking like:

FRI 28 JULY BRISTOL venue tbc


SUN 30 JULY SWANSEA venue tbc


TUE 8 AUG GLASGOW venue tbc

WED 9 AUG ABERDEEN venue tbc

FRI 11 AUG BLACKPOOL Winter Gardens (Wasted Festival, afternoon slot)

FRI 11 AUG LIVERPOOL tbc (evening)

SUN 13 AUG HIGH WYCOMBE (possible matinee) tbc

Also, Oct/Nov 2006 looking likely for tour of Germany

Thanks to Steph and Greg for help with next album. Louis for having a birthday, Mad Dan Mahomo for all the enthusiasm and 'big up' to The Nowhere Massive. Cheers to ex-Loonies Sam, Ben Dur and Goz for still being available when needed, and to Dave (S Punk 3) for standing in for Popkids whenever we lose him.

Extra Special Thanks to: Velvet Geena in Seoul and Li'l Indy Adict in Ipswich!!!

Chris@doanythingyou.wanadoo.co.uk  hassle the geek.

Once my scanners fixed, expect lots more photies... Meanwhile, Here's a nice one of a streetlamp at sunset...