thE bUS sTAtiON LOoNiEs

Go on, buzz off

The 'Loonies love all these sites. Bet you will too. If you know of any other worthy addresses, just lemmie know!

This magic punk rock grotto of delights has the lot: bondage pants, t-shirts, hair dye, vinyl, tapes, CDs, zines, subversive literature, badges, patches, mohair sweaters, studs, vids, classic punk, anarcho punk, fun punk, weird and wacky, fair prices and the friendliest punkiest attitude! They also stock ALL The 'Loonies stuff, but don't let that put you off...
This is SuperJessi's own site for his own loverlee trainspotting punk band from the depths of merrie urban Birmingham (actually, these days, the band are more or less from all over, being pretty much The Bus Station Loonies in wigs). This site is amazing and makes this 'un look like doodoo.
Citizen Fish
It ain't new boy Dick but da FISH's Phil's own website and it rocks.
Zoe's Ball
Ace site all to do with having holes poked into you in all manner of places, plus a great punky night out at a tip-top pub (The Ordnance) in Woolwich, South of the river. Zoe's also dun us 'Loonies proud in the past & I hope will make the same mistake again...
Punk & Oi! in the UK
Rebecca's site is the ultimate in all you need to know about the latest goings on in the wonderful underground, overground, wombling free world of punk (well, in the UK). Top notch & essential.
Flies On Toast
Whoops, cheers for reminding me, Steve! Fed-up with all the same ol' dullsville predictable MTV style so-called punk on the net? Look no further than Flies On Toast! Visit The Pukebox! This has the real stuff, concentrating on the UK and Dutch DIY scenes, squatting, drinkin', the whole circled-A kaboodle. Steve is The 'Loonies euro-member...
Go Nowhere, Be Nobody
Brand new site just erected in honour of our favourite watering hole, The Nowhere Inn in Plymouth. Most definitely the punkest pub on the planet! Take a trip and see what fun you could be a-missin'... Photos, competitions and all things punky in Plymouth. Hooray for Estephen, Sim and all who glug therein...
Punx Picnic
This has all the information about this year's Punx Picnic in Plymouth (13-15th Sept 2002), plus details and contacts regarding other picnics, squat gigs, benefit bashes, punk nites and DIY events throughout the UK. Contributions & enquiries welcome!
Harakiri Karaoke
Just a sad little man and his pathetic organ. Find out all you're not really bothered knowing about the cheesiest of all solo cabarets who dares to sneak beneath the umbrella of punk.

Go on, get surfing - there's no cheesier site than this!