Stuff wot's been happenin' lately


Latest news (6th July 2002): Bassist Goz has managed to escape the increasingly geeky stigma of The 'Loonies and, it seems, band life in general to pursue a life outta the UK. All the best to her, for being such a star and suffering the rest of us for this long! This leaves Benny-Boy on bass duties pretty much full-time (if, indeed, such a post exists in this hotch-potch of random buffoonery?), so the hippy-looking guy (who denies it) will be the next one in line to take abuse after Popkids (drums).
Many, many thanks to everyone who was lovely to us in Ireland (which was, pretty much, everyone!) with special hurty hugs of gratitude to Andy Griswald, Graham Insect, Ian, Steve, all THE DANGERFIELDS (past, present & future), Baron, Cormak, Phil, Sean and all of STRESS, Con & Ola, the fella from The High Stool (Limerick) and his ice-cold beer, Niall, Zoe, Skinny & all the great Dublin posse, heaps o'hugs to The Warzone bods for 2 days at Giros and special cheers to Ashleigh for the laughs & the Bucky! Hope to see you again soon!
Derby, we had to make do with some ex-Mob/Zounds geezer on drums and Swansea had to make do with some geeky twonk runing things for Jessi, Ben & all else therein. Thanks a-bundle to Karen, Richard & Sian for all their hospitality & twas reet greet to see Steve (Pins & Skunks), Ali Moore and, mais ouis, Mike (Gob Dylan)... More lucid news once I've calmed down; meanwhile, the Loonies line-up looks summit like: Popkids, Jessi, Ben & Wheelie, with ocassional Dick & charitable drummers when neccessary! More news very soon... Harakiri Karaoke, Eastfield & Plymouth Punx Picnic shenanigans on appropriate links...

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